Letters to Technology

Everybody now a days has some kind of technology in their home. They could have a TV, phones, tablets, printers, and computers. In our world of technology, we had made so many advances in these past years, that we are forgetting about the things that we’ve done for centuries. People are always on their phones, computers, watching TV, that they forgot that there is a world outside that they’re living in. There are some who forget they are in the real world, and that causes some problems. So many people send emails and texts, that they forget about spending the time to write a thoughtful letter.

“In a world overrun with technology, it’s rare for someone to actually take out a piece of paper and pencil and write a letter.” -Joanna


Taking the time to write a letter means a lot more than sending a text or an email. Writing a letter shows that they’ve taken the time to take out a piece of paper, a pencil, and waste all the lead they have. They’ve taken the time to think about how they would write it and what to write. It may take a while longer than typing up one, but what’s the fun in that? There is more thought and consideration in writing something than typing it up. The memory of writing the letter is more satisfying than remembering just sitting at the computer and pressing a bunch of buttons until there’s enough letters on the screen.

By writing a letter, it is one of a kind. No one can write the same way they can, or have the same ideas that they’ve come up with. It’s like creating an artwork. There are never two identical copies. There are those imperfections that creates a whole new story.

There are also some of the most important memories in a letter. There are letters from relatives, friends, and many loved ones. There can be love letters that touch many people’s hearts and keeps them close together. Or a letter can be the beginning to another love story. There are so many ways that letters can have a huge impact on people’s lives. Some people’s relationships, families, and friends wouldn’t have be made, if it wasn’t for that one letter that someone spent their time on to make someone else smile.

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