When Our Minds Go Blank.

There has always been at least one time when you’re having a conversation and your’e just about to say something, but your mind suddenly fails on you and it goes blank. When we’re using our brains, it decides that now is the perfect time to bail out on us. It could have been an hour ago when we were passed out stuffing our faces, but no. It happens when we’re having an important conversation. Why does this even happen? Are our brains restarting its programs?


It’s like that annoying kid who keeps flipping on and off the light switch, but to our brains. I’m always in a conversation when the lights are switched off. I start talking, I stop, and I have no idea what I was going to say. This also happens when I’m going to do something. I get distracted and totally forget what I was going to do. Who thought that this would be useful…? Why do we suddenly and randomly forget things.

Yes. We all have had this moment happen to us, but sometimes we remember what we were going to say. What was the point in forgetting what you were going to say if you remember it and say it five seconds later. Sometimes it’s just not easy to remember things. Also, when your trying to explain something and there is a word that can explain it and it’s on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t come up with it.

During tests are the worst. When you’ve been studying for a test for a super long time. You even study right before class starts. Once the teacher passes out the paper. Whoops, brain fart. You have no idea what you’ve just studied. This may be difficult to remember.

Even though our brains fail us once in a while, they are still amazing. They allow us to make many advancements to our world. I couldn’t write this if I didn’t have my brain. We use are brains everyday, and these times when they just blank out can be a time to take a break from our demands. They go through stress, pain, and hard times. They just need time to chill.

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