Things that kill me… #stress

We all have those times when the weight of the world is on our shoulders. It can pile up and can lead us to the point when we just want to stay in bed all day. We’ll curl into a ball and just want to take a long cat nap. Stress can lead us to the edge of a cliff.


Stress. Why do we have it anyway? It’s a small thing that can have a huge impact. It can be from school, family issues, jobs, etc. it can can literally come from anywhere. Where does stress come from? Some people can have different levels of stress and others can have stress that is more severe than others. It’s all different, but can have the same impact of everyone. There can be stress from school, assignments, tests, applying for college, getting a job, or even getting to school on time. There are also a lot more factors not related to school that can give us stress.


There can be stress from family members, friends, co-workers, partners, kids, pets, and even random strangers. it can also be from certain things some people do if they keep on forgetting things repeatedly, if they don’t listen, if they procrastinate all the time and they don’t change their ways to fix it. Our world is just full of stress, but we’re never alone. Everyone has stress and we can get help from friends, families to get us out of the hole we are in.

I mean, it can be useful. It can help us get things done to get rid of it. It can help keep ourselves on track. It can help us decide to make a schedule or plan. Stress pretty much helps us to kill itself.

“Stress makes me old.” – Joanna

And once it’s gone…Life is great. 🙂 The weight is finally lifted off our shoulders. We can celebrate, smile, and have fun. Getting rid of stress is awesome, and I wish that it would happen more often. But of course, it comes back. The stress is straining our brains.

Stress can be stressful. Well, it can be awful and probably everyone dislikes it. If you think about it, we would never have the awesome feeling of relaxing. We might have never been where we are now. Stress is something we all despise, but it’s needed for the lives we live in today.

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