Is The Innocence Worth Losing?

“People say growing up is a part of life. Its something that you can’t hide from. All people will eventually face the inevitable, which is paying taxes, raising families, and getting a job.” -Joanna (

Growing up. There are lots of things that we have to do as adults. Sometimes it’s just too much. Would it be better to let our childish actions out as adults? Or would it be better just to act as adults…? There are times when we have to…of course, but we don’t always have to, right?


We all have our inner child that somehow always manages to get out. We all know we are all kids at heart, so why don’t we just take some time to act like kids once in a while.  I mean, we still are kids when we are adults. We’re our parents kids. Yes, we are older now and somewhat understand more than we did yesterday which does make us closer to becoming adults. There are many advantages by acting as adults. We are more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and smart, but that doesn’t always make us….us.

“You lose things when you grow up. You lose that happiness, that love, that smile. I see adults with the tint of grey hair. Although I respect these people, with all the knowledge and wisdom they have gained, I feel pity. There isn’t that gleam in their eyes anymore. They seem sad to me. It took me awhile to realize what they have lost they can never get back. Once you lose that inner child, you lose yourself.”-Joanna

Yeah, some people may say that it’s “inappropriate” to act like kids…but wouldn’t you rather have fun with your friends, kids, and family than just being that shadow in the corner?

Figuratively speaking, lets just say we are onions. As an onion, they rot from the inside out. If we let go of our childhood and throw out our inner child, doesn’t that kill us? By “killing” our inner child, aren’t we just rotting away. We need to keep ourselves alive by expressing ourselves as kids. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, what your likes and dislikes are. As long as you’re having fun. Enjoy life.

“Never grow up. Always keep your past self with you forever, continue with your life, and be happy!” – Jasmine (

#Onions #We’reAllKidsAtHeart

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