The World is a Beautiful Place

What is beauty?

  1. a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

“I was struck by her beauty”

Everybody and everything is beautiful even if they don’t realize it. What we create is awesome and beautiful as well. The new technology we have is beautiful, but the old traditions we have are also as beautiful. Beauty is the world around us. The trees, the grass, the sand, the ocean, and nature as one whole is beautiful. Our world is beautiful. With everything in it.


Most people think that beauty is the physical appearance of an object. Everything in the world is beautiful. What’s on the inside is only a small portion of what matters. The huge piece of the pie is what’s on the inside. Someone may be beautiful on the outside, but their hearts may be filled with hatred. The person who is the most beautiful is the one who cares about what’s on the inside and who takes the consideration of everybody else.

Beauty can also be the relationship between people. The bond that people have between each other. Families, friends, partners, literally every positive relationship is beauty. The bond between best friends. The bond between brothers and sisters. The bond between our pets. It’s all beautiful. You can’t deny that.

There are words that are not that positive, which you probably already know, unfortunately. But there are so many other words that cancel this negativity out. Those who spread the positive messages are the angels. And those who spread the negative are the weeping angels. #DoctorWhoReference

The girls who wear makeup every single day… It’s just a mask. It doesn’t show the people around you, who you are. What you say, what you do, and how you act is what makes you, you. There are some bad things about makeup, but there are also good things about it. If it is used in moderation it can be used the help their self esteem, but we all need to learn that we have to accept ourselves as who we are. That’s when our true beauty shines.

“You are beautiful,

You are magical,

You are capable,

You are wonderful.”

Beautiful is just one word, but it plays a big role in our lives. It’s just eight letters, but it sometimes makes us get tangled in knots. Being skinny, having flat stomachs, being curvy…the idea of “perfection” is the one who is in knots. The labels we give people by how they look is not fair. They are special in their way and that makes them who they are.

Thanks for the inspiration!




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