The World’s Tears & Smiles

We all have happy memories and sad memories. Just like the world’s weather , the sad memories are the raindrops and the happy ones are the rainbows.

Everyday, we make memories. Especially when it rains because it usually doesn’t rain here and when it does, it’s completely different from most days. We get to do things that we usually don’t get to do. Like splashing in the puddles, wearing super thick coats, and finally using the umbrella you bought ten million years ago.


Why does it rain? How do those fluffy clouds stay up?

“The world was beautiful, strange, and weird.” -Siddhartha


Yes, our world is:


It is also strange, weird, but most of all, unique. There are lots of things we can’t explain and that’s what makes our world what it is. Memories is also something we can’t really explain. It’s just something we remember. Good or Bad.

One memory I had was of the rain.

It always feels great when you wake up and you look out the window and it’s raining. Especially if you live somewhere that usually doesn’t rain and you love the cold weather. The sun is shining through the thick clouds, there’s still light, but gloomy at the same time. We finally can wear the thick winter clothes we had in our closets for the longest time ever. It started out as a little sprinkle and a few minutes later, it started to fall harder.

I sat by the window watching the rain fall to the ground. It rarely rains where I live, even during the winter. There’s a few times during winter when it rains and it’s awesome. In my backyard, there’s an area where is slopes and it creates a large puddle. My siblings and I put our raincoats and rubber rain boots on. We walked outside at catch the raindrops on our tongues. My brother and I would splash in the puddles and in the mud. When it stops raining, we made little boats from the leaves and put them in the puddle to float around. The rain drops fell on the puddle and create ripples in the water and move the boat.

Although the rain is a lot of fun, it eventually stopped raining the sun came out. The sun would shine through the rain drops and create rainbows. There were water drops on the plants’ leaves and the sunshine reflected off them and it was beautiful. 🙂 The sun would dry up the ground. There were still puddles and I would step in them to make foot prints in the dry areas. My dog would also follow me and create little paw prints behind me.

Of course, my memories are different than yours. So, what memories do you have when it rains?


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