A Day in the Life of a Dog.

They all walked by…patted me on the head, and then left.


My owners, yea I love them, but for most of the time, I’m just a rug in the house. They’re getting ready for work or school and they’re rushing around the house getting what they need. I stand up, grab my toy. It’s this little fuzzy thing with eyes that I love to chew up. :3 I drop it in front of them to play with me, but they don’t have the time and just ignore my favorite toy.

When they leave, they say goodbye and slam the door shut. I’m all alone now. *Sigh* I’ll just lay here and think about what I’ll do when my owners come back… Maybe they’ll finally throw me a tennis ball or maybe give me some treats. I’ve been a good dog, right? I didn’t destroy anything. Except for that one time with that creepy cat looking thing. It just sat there all the time and when I barked at it and grabbed it, it didn’t do anything. The kids apparently loved it and would sleep with it, but it’s not as fun as me. I can play with them and chase my tail to make them laugh. It was awesome when they were little kids, but now they’re grown up and don’t have anymore time.

HEYY, they’re back!! I got a burst of energy! Helloo, hello, helloo, pet me!! Wait, you want to throw my toy. I’ll catch it. I wish that would happen.. Of course, they have homework. Even after a super long time, they still can’t play with me. I’ll just lay here thinking about stuff until you can play.

Ohhhh, do I smell somehing?? *Sniff sniff* Is it fooooood?!? Gotta go find out. Ohh I wonder what’s for dinner today? Maybe steak? Ahh that’d be delicious. Or maybe…HEY, what’s this..Just dog food? “Dog” food. I deserve better than this! But, I am hungry, so I’m gonna eat it, but you owe me a fresh piece of meat.

It has been about an hour? I don’t know, I can’t tell, but everyone finished their food. Are they done? Can they play with me now? Come on.. I’ve been waiting all day. *Sigh* Oh wait, do I hear someone calling my name? What do you need? Is it food? Can you play? OOOHH, it’s the leash!!

Life is difficult as a dog, but it’s also super great when our owners have time to play with us. I don’t need anything else. I just want to see them laugh again. The loneliness is unbearable. Maybe tomorrow we can have more fun? Or we can play tag like how we used to?

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