Make A Difference

I’m at the edge of a cliff. The cliff of life.

Our lives… life is very special to everyone and everything. Without it, we wouldn’t be here right now. So smile. 🙂 Enjoy your life. Yeah, I wish life was always happy, but there are some downhills. We all have the times of sadness. The stress and tears. But hang in there, the rainbow is right around the corner. It may take a while to realize it, but the “happy” will eventually come back. No matter how long or short it takes, we can wait for the happiness. Or we can at least  try to make it happen everyday.

Life can be painful, but let’s just say:

“Life was pain.” – Siddhartha


We can do little things that can make our world a better place. We can turn our life around. We can make the pain our past. Let’s smile more often, make the others around us smile too and let’s make our lives different.

“Life is beautiful.” – Anonymous


One thing in our world is that there are lots of endangered animals. Some of them are close to being extinct. We all have hard lives, trying to survive, especially with everything new that is happening. Even though they are endangered, it doesn’t mean we can’t still help them.

Their lives doesn’t always have to be painful, we can help brighten their future. We can help them by doing our part and trying to keep our world clean. Without all the trash flying around, we can help save lots of the animal’s lives. By just picking up a plastic bag from the ground and disposing of it properly, you just saved an animal’s life. 🙂

The Deadly Truth About Trash:

The little, tiny things we do is helpful towards everyone. Who does picking up trash hurt?

Another thing we could do is donate. Every little penny can greatly help a cause. You can donate to help all of those endangered animals.

“Be the voice for those who have no voice.” -WWF (

You don’t have to just help endangered animals, there are so many things we can help. We can help research to find a cure for diseases, support families in need, find pets a home, or literally anything. Lets make a difference and make life less painful for ourselves and the whole world.


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