As you look through the shadows, you see glowing eyes.

There are so many mysteries out there that we don’t know about. What are the creatures that roam through the forest? What are the creatures that flow through the seas? We’ve watched so many movies with some beautiful creatures, while others aren’t so much.

FullSizeRender (1)

Some can see them as wicked things that should not belong in our world. But what makes them different than ourselves? They may look different, but we don’t know what they really are like. Just like everybody, unfortunately, we judge the people around us. Sometimes not even knowing. Some people pick at their flaws, don’t realizing what it actually does to them and themselves.

Don’t we all wish we were the one standing out in a crowd. Don’t we all wish that we made a difference in someone else’s lives. We all look different, we all do things differently. Why can’t we be proud? Even though we sometimes want to fit in, do we really want to be the same as everyone else? We would all be the same person and it wouldn’t be as exciting to meet someone new.

I’ve always wished that I was different. What I meant by saying “different” was being able to grow wings and be able to fly. But, of course, that’s not possible, YET. It’s cool being unique. You can be the only one with the passion you have for something. You can be the only one who thinks the way you think, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. It just makes you, you. It can be useful if there are some things we have in common, which is great. These different ways we think can help create new things. How would we have had all these inventions if it weren’t for those people who thought differently. They didn’t try to fit in, they tried to break the box and do their own thing.

Just like Maleficent, she was different. The people feared her. But they didn’t know how much her difference was so important and amazing.

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