Holding Back the Tears

We always talk about having these happy moments in life, but what about the depressing ones.

Hiro Hamada, a fourteen year old boy, is one of the smartest kids ever. Literally, he is a genius and knows everything there is to robotics. He creates a robot, Megabot, which looks like a simple robot that can’t do anything, but don’t let it’s appearance deceive you. It can separate into smaller pieces and take the opponents robots apart. Genius. Do I need to say more. Even though he may seem like he has the perfect life, has gone through the pain.

Tadashi Hamada, Hiro’s older brother, is always there to protect him. Hiro was going down the wrong path, but of course, his brother always looks out for him and showed him the right way.

Baymax, a robot created by Tadashi Hamada – Hiro’s brother, was made to care for others. Their personal healthcare companion. Baymax embodies Tadashi as an older brother to Hiro who will always take care of him. Alive or not, he will always be there for his little brother.

When Hiro was three years old, his parents died. He barely remembers them but always has his brother’s shoulder to cry on when the pain comes back. Unfortunately, there was a fire and Tadashi passed away. The hole in Hiro’s heart just gets bigger and bigger. His older brother. His friend… His best friend.

“People keep saying he’s not really gone, as long as we remember him. But it still hurts.” -Hiro Hamada

I’ve haven’t lost my parents or my brother or sister, but automatically I can feel his pain. I don’t know him personally, of course, but, I consider him as my friend. He is strong and can do whatever he dreams of doing.

One day, he accidentally activated Baymax and the adventure begins. Baymax helps Hiro through the tough times to make him feel better about everything that has happened. There were tragedies in his life, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he does best. He just needed a little help.

“It’s alright to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain.” -Baymax

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