United As One

When something makes you feel down, they’re there to keep you company, make you feel better and will always stick by your side.

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Our brothers and sisters are someone who we are automatically bonded with. They stick up for us and make us feel important to someone. Our brothers and sisters take care of us and lookout for us, even though it seems like they sometimes are annoyed with us. 😛 They’ll get over it. They are someone that we can always prank and they won’t always be mad at us. Maybe for a long while, but they’d eventually miss us and have to forgive us.

Our best friends are just like our brothers and sisters. The difference is that we can choose who they are. They stick with us through thick and thin, they get our lame jokes, and laugh with us when we have epic fails.

Making secret handshakes, funny faces, and having inside jokes are the best. My sister and I would see something, look at each other and know exactly what we were thinking without saying a word. We literally have telepathy. Well, I wish. And then, my brother and I would be the little trolls.

“Older siblings; the only people who will make fun of you for their own entertainment, then beat up anyone else who tries.” -Anonymous

My two best friends and I have a billion inside jokes. There are so many, that I don’t remember most of them. We tell each other everything and are always there to cheer each other up. Hanging out with them is pretty much my motivation to go to school. I would see them, spend time with them, and I could talk for hours with them.

“My best friend, I would lie for, cry for, take a bullet and straight up die for.” – Anonymous

I’m also really close to my cousins. They are also like my brothers and sisters that obviously lives somewhere else, but I talk to them every day. They’re like my gang for life.

We all have tight bonds and will always stay together. We’ll grow up and spend lots of time together as life goes on. We’ll take a trip around the world, have an awesome adventure, and have memories.

Fist Bump! Ba-la-la-la-la

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