School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter…

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If I could choose any school to go to it would definitely be Hogwarts. There’s magic, spells, potions, and creatures that I wish I could learn about. It would just be awesome.

We could run through a wall without getting hit in the face, ride a train, & get the candy. I can’t wait to taste Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and Butterbeer.

There would be the Great Hall with all that food, the different houses, and of course the Grand Staircase. Oh, and you can’t forget the moving pictures. 😀

Exploring the world of magic, the beauty of mystical ideas and the shadows of the unknown is what we can learn at any college we choose to go to. It doesn’t have to literally mean we’re learning magic. What we want to learn is our magic. Creating magic is creating what we love to do.

When applying for college, Hogwarts isn’t an option. Why not? Why isn’t it a legit thing? I mean it is, we just haven’t found them yet. >:3

Anyways, for now, we have to consider our major, tuition, location, etc. It’s important to think about the money and how far away it is, but isn’t it worth it if the school has what you want to do? And what’s all this about getting into a “good” college. Just because one school isn’t at the top, it doesn’t mean it’s worse. The teacher’s way of teaching at the lower school could be as good as or even better than a teacher at a high ranked college. We won’t know if one college is better for us unless we experience more than one college. But doing that might be impossible because there are so many schools out there.

Well, with the college you choose, you can make it your own amazing experience. It’s the beginning of responsibility, choices and making your life count. You can finally choose what you want to do and what you love to do. We can make our colleges our dream college, even though it may haven’t been at first. Every college has potential to be someone’s dream college. We just need to figure out which one is ours. We can make this college our own. We can choose what to do and create something new with our hard work. An experience of a lifetime.

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” -Anonymous

I’ll be waiting here staring out my window. Waiting for an owl with a letter. Always.

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