This One Girl

So, I have this friend. This particular friend, you know who you are, who is in some sort of a “small” issue. Apparently, this guy likes her and she likes him back, but she’s pretty much too scared to climb over the invisible wall she’s building around herself.

FullSizeRender (3)

Let me explain this without everything getting confusing. Last year, she liked this guy, but unfortunately, his classes changed and they were no longer in the same class. Because of that, she just though it was over, so she got over it. But then, this year, it sort of went the other way around. Out of no where, he starts talking to her. Obviously she doesn’t know what to do, so she asks me and my other best friend what to do about it. She thinks it’s strange how he randomly messages her after a year without seeing each other at all. Like, not since he transferred classes. Well, after a while they continue talking like it’s all normal. UNTIL, he confesses to her that he likes her. OMG, it’s like a miracle, the guy she likes has the same feelings for her! Not. Like seriously, she already gotten over him and he wasn’t in the picture. WHYY. So, she tells us and as the secret spies we are, my other best friend and I go on a secret mission to get them together. It’s sort of difficult because I never met this guy before and my other best friend has only know him as long as a month. We talked to her everyday asking if she liked him back, but she always said no. We started pestering her about it and she finally said that she “sort of” liked him, but not really. That was the first sign that our plan was working. Second, it was time to talk to this “guy”. My other friend messaged this guy and told him that our friend was in the denial phase and totally liked him. With the rhetoric that she had, she convinced him that there was something before he cut her out of the image.

A few weeks later, our friend told us that she liked him. It was working just as we had planned. So my friend immediately messaged the guy that she officially liked him. We would pass him in the hallways and they said, “Hi,” once or twice, but after that it sort of went in a different direction. They both saw each other in the hallway, but they wouldn’t say anything. Apparently, they suddenly got “nervous.” My other best friend and I would pester her about saying something. They both knew they liked each other. They just didn’t have the guts to make a move. She would have the perfect time to start a conversation, I would nudge her to make a move, but she would just walk away.

“Do you ever feel like there is someone that you care about and yet they won’t even listen to you? Yeah that’s kind of me. So here I am stuck between a rock and another rock tearing my hair out about how frustrating it is for me.” – Joanna | I’m Not A Xue

Now, we’re still trying to make this work. They both know they like each other and it could work out perfectly. It just might take time.

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