Sticking Together

In my English class, I have the best friends ever. They’re fun to hang out with, they’re cool and most of all, and we keep each other’s spirits up.

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Some of these friends I have, I’ve only met this year, but they are better than some of my friends I had for a while. They know how to make me smile and laugh. Even through the toughest days. The “hardest times will always reveal true friends” by showing you which ones are there for you. Throughout the whole day, I cannot wait to get to this class. No matter what day it is, I always wish the clock would go faster so it can already be English class. I’m not very fond of English. Let’s just say English isn’t really my thing, but with these friends, I don’t want to leave. They make the class the most fun class to be in. I would hang out with them all day long, every single day.

So, today was different than others. We all walked in the class and sat down, as usual. But, the happy little laughing machine wasn’t really what he usually was. We immediately could tell something was wrong. Since we had to talk to the counselors, we couldn’t talk to him right away, so I asked my best friend to go first to see what’s up. A few minutes later, I got back. My best friend was talking to him about what happened and he was there crying. Literally the first time I saw him cry. When I saw him cry, I automatically started to cry. I know that it wasn’t helping, but I couldn’t help it. I knew how he was feeling with everything that I’ve already been through and it was horrible. Anyways, our friends come in and it gets better. They made us laugh and that was all that mattered. I could see that smirk that he always has coming from under the tears. And I started to smile.

It doesn’t matter what we’re feeling, they always know how to make us feel important. They always know how to make every day the best day. I don’t care what happens, as long as I get to hang out with my friends. They’re the best.

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