The Crack in the Glass

When you think of a school club, most people see a group of friends striving for the same principle. We can make new friends, meet new people who believe in the same ideas, or maybe find our best friend. We can work together to complete an awesome goal and feel proud about it. But, underneath it all, is it really just that?

FullSizeRender (9)

Even though there is a smiling face on the outside, there could be something else on the inside. In one new club, it seemed like a great club and it benefited the less-fortunate. But, there were some problems and we could see it from the start. Choosing between lots of friends is never something we want to do. But that’s where this club started. They started to filter out the people they “thought” wouldn’t be “good” enough to be on board without even asking them if they wanted to be apart of it. So after deciding some of the positions there was one left. Apparently, they had one person in mind and asked them privately without anyone else there.

So it’s been almost a year after this problem, and it seems like everything was going smoothly until it was time to decide next year’s board members. Nobody’s perfect, but when someone doesn’t let someone take their chance for trying something new, it’s like stealing someone’s chance to make a difference in this world. And making a difference is pretty difficult to do. He/She displayed great actions towards the club, but somehow, they just saw past that. They couldn’t consider giving her a chance. It got to the point where they withdrew their application and everything started to fall apart.

In particular, this person can be nice, trustworthy, and supporting, but sometimes he/she wants things to go the way he/she plans. Although it seem like it’s all her fault, it’s not. There are reasons why he/she won’t give up her position, and it’s understandable, but going to far and making the other person feel like they have to leave is not fair. I just hope everything will work out. And I hope we can all be friends again. It’s not as fun when you are split off from your friend group. Especially because of something that could have brought us together.

Life is always unexpected. We’ll never know what’s going to happen or if we’re doing the right thing. Even when things are frustrating. Even when you just wish to break the closest thing you can reach. We just have to pull through. All the struggles and all the pain just makes us stronger.

We’ll just wait and see how the story unfolds.

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