My brain is melting on the keyboard…

Blogging was definitely a new experience. It’s like writing in a journal, I just have a bunch of people reading it 😛 Sharing my thoughts with the world and seeing that someone shares the same idea is awesome ^___^ This experience helped me learn lots about how this “blogging” actually works and I also learned a lot about myself. I’m not trying to sound cliché, but seriously, it has given me time to think about how I view the world and it is definitely something I would hope to keep doing.

What I would I do differently… I probably would try to write more blog posts, especially since I obviously haven’t been writing anything for a while. >:3 Hehe, sorry guys. I would also want to try to draw more. Yeah, I have pictures that I’m proud of, but I just wish that I took more time to actually put more details and maybe I can start drawing the pictures on Photoshop or something.. I have to figure that out.

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (10)

What sort of sucks is that this blogging got repetitive and it was pretty hard to think of something to write about. Especially since I didn’t really have a topic and it also had to relate back to what we learned in class. I just wrote about random stuff.. I think it would be better if we had more time to write blog posts or if people didn’t just write blog posts to get a grade.. which I think is what happened in the end. There is just too much stuff going on with other classes and other stress we have that we forget about how to make blogging a fun experience and we just strive to get that A.

Anyways, for any of you guys that are planning to start a blog, get ready for the commitment. It’s fun, but to keep your blog interesting, it would be better to try not to procrastinate and have a schedule to when you’re gonna post something. You can talk about what you love or problems that you are facing. Maybe you’ll even get some advice. But in the end, do what you want to do and what you love.

Blogging = something fun, something unique, and something everyone should try.

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