BRAWL. Can you not.

In my english class, we had a “BRAWL” which is pretty much like a discussion or a Socratic seminar (ugh, I hated those), but more intense >:P We had groups of four and then we would create questions from the book “All Quiet On The Western Front” to be placed in the BRAWL. Once our teacher chose 10 questions, we would have a few days to prepare our side and research information to support our claim. Pretty simple. NOT.

Once we all had our ideas prepared, we would start the BRAWL. One team would go against the other and try to prove whose idea was better.

So, the idea of the BRAWL is interesting, but I’m not that outgoing or vocal (I could be mute for an entire day if I wanted to), so this was sort of stressful for me. I can do all the research and back up my claims, I just can’t do it on the spot or speak what I think in front of a crowd. And when I’m stressed, I get more fidgety and I have do something with my hands or I’ll eventually rip my nails out. So yeah…

Anyways, coming up with the questions and researching about them was pretty interesting. Coming up with questions is actually WAY harder than I thought it would be. You have to a question that has more than one way it could go and you would also have to make sure there’s actually an answer for it. Working in a group, we pretty much just talked with each other to create a question that relates to the text of the book.

Well, the most interesting part, for me, was researching the information. I learned about this awesome school, Sudbury Valley School, that allows the students pick what they want to learn and it’s so epic. There’s no words to explain. The students can chose what they want to learn, which I think is the most important part to school. Overall, researching all these questions was like something I actually liked about this experience. I saw the different viewpoints that each question showed us and the branches of ideas that grew off from that.


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