Transfiguring Words into Murals

Every time we see a word, every time we read a new novel, we create images in our heads. We see these imaginary images of each word coming together to create a bigger picture. We all can paint images in our minds, there are just a few who can make that become a reality. Our goal: To put those images from our imagination onto the walls. To show the world what we can see that others cannot. From each brush stroke to a swish and flick of our wands, we can create something that seems like magic.

We are the Ministry of Murals.

Step 1: The Plan

So, our idea was to take books that we have read in class and to put it all together to create on mural. Since we are only sophomores, we didn’t want to just include our grade level, so we decided to choose one book from each year. The books we choose were Fahrenheit 451, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Great Gatsby, and 1984.

253 275

Step 2: Where it was going to be & teacher’s approval

In the English Office


Step 3: Get all the materials

Paint, paint brushes, tripod, camera, step ladder, & more paint.

292 278

Step 4: Sketch the image on the wall

Step 5: Tape STRAIGHT lines

1 hour of trying to draw straight lines… -___-

Step 6: PAINT

017 020

019 023

Obviously, you can tell from the last picture that we aren’t done, but we got most of it on the wall. We still have to finish Monte Cristo, the frame of the mural, and extra details. But, besides that, it’s almost perfect ^___^ And we can finally get rid of the ANNOYING TAPE.

Well, this was defiantly a different experience. It was one of the longest and most stressful projects, but it was one of the best. We spent more than 10 hours trying to get this done. Although it took forever to get where we are now, it was the funnest I had while doing a English project. Which is saying A LOT. I’ve learned how to deal with this “small” amount of OCD that I have and to trust my group to paint without having panic attacks. Hehe. I’ll never forget this.

Here’s the time-lapse of the process of the painting ^___^

Joanna | I’m Not A Xue

Johnson | Those who wander – Our Magical Mural

Thalia | HighLow

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