To my Groot

My best friend. My sun and stars. My marshmallow. The Doctor who takes me on adventures.

I’ll be your best friend forever, the moon of your life, and travel wherever as long as it’s with you.

Together we make sure everyone is happy – Zach

We’ll be two hours away, but it’ll feel like we’re across the world from each other.

You’ll be a sun devil at ASU and I’ll be your rival wildcat at UA. But, I will always support and cheer for you.

I’ll miss you.

You’re my best friend in the entire world. You have always been there for me. Through every emotional and stressful problem, you have been by my side. Although I’ve only known you for less than a year, it feels like I’ve known you for a lifetime. Whenever I’m happy, upset, frustrated, mad or confused, you’re the first to know. You’ve made me feel safe, you helped me trust again, and you opened my empty heart.

When people came to me for help, I would always try to be there for them. It was hard to balance my own life and so many others, but you were there to help me carry the weight.

You’re the logical one and I’m the one who’s irrational with a bunch of dreams. But, somehow it works.

I have so many memories with you. So let’s start from the beginning.

I remember knowing of you before we even started talking. You were Sean’s best friend and we’d see each other since he was my best friend too.

I saw you at the beach and Michelle’s parties, but never really talked to you. My first impression of you was that you were tall and intimidating.

October 15th: Homecoming

At this point, I still didn’t talk to you. You were just some guy in our friend group.

October 28th: The Bell Game

This was the first time I hung out with you and actually acknowledged your presence, but you were still just some random guy. Until, we went to your house and I met Kitty. And that was it, that was when I considered you my friend.

October 31st: Halloween

You were still just some guy who was there because of Sean. But, this was the first day that I played with your hair.

I remember going to Woody’s with you, Sean, and Alexander. I don’t remember what day that was, but that was when I had my first real conversation with you.

November 1st

This day was the first message I ever got from you on messenger. And it was, of course, a picture of Kitty. She’ll forever be our little fur baby.


November 11th

We had the club event at your house, but what was more important to me was the photo shoot with Kitty. This was the first time I actually noticed how blue your eyes were.


November 19th

The first message you ever texted me was a tweet about cats. I have no idea why you sent me that, but it made me smile.

December 10th

I got accepted to UA and you & Sean decided to surprise me with pie.


December 19th

The first time I ever went ice skating. Sean and I were little clumsy penguins.


December 21st

The Christmas party at Michelle’s house. This was the day you got me the stuffed animal that looked like Kitty. I love her and yes, I still sleep with her with your Edison hoodie.

December 26th

This was the day that I met Pretty Kitty. When I met him, he was already dying. I spent a few hours with him and he didn’t make it. But at least he died in the arms of someone who cared and loved him. Even if it was just a few hours, he was still special to me and that was what I named my stuffed animal after. This may have been the first time you’ve seen me cry but it was one of the first hugs when I listened to your heartbeat.


January 6th

I wanted to surprise you at one of your soccer games, so Sean, Alexander, Pretty Kitty, & I made it happen.

January 14

There was the beach clean up, we stopped by your house, said Hi to Kitty, and we saw Moana. It was so beautiful.


January 27th

I went to another one of your soccer games which was at FV this time. Honestly, I love going to your soccer games.


February 4th

We went ice skating again with Sean, Alexander, and Michelle. Today was the day we finally had matching converse and I was so excited and happy.


March 9th

Today was one of the most important days – your birthday. I was planning your birthday gift since November and waited months for it to arrive. When it did, it was totally worth it.

March 19th

You and Sean surprised me by showing up to my house on my birthday and it was the best birthday gift I could have ever wished for.

April 9th

Today was the day we spent time together at the beach since you were trying to win tickets. We had time to kill, so we just slept on the beach and that was one of my favorite moments ever. Then, it got more exciting since we went to my first Hockey game with Sean & Michelle.

April 21st

The first day I went to Disneyland with you, Sean, Alexander, Krisanne, and Michelle. It was one magical adventure.

May 13th

One of my favorite days ever. Prom was beautiful and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else.

June 7th

Our senior year was ending and you visited to sign everyone’s yearbooks. I will always cherish what you wrote in mine. I’ll always remember what you said and hold it in my heart.

June 9th: Grad Night

June 11th: Baccalaureate

June 14th: FV’s Graduation | June 15thEdison’s Graduation

June 19th: Beach Bonfire

June 26th

You told me to go to your house or something like that. I did not expect that was what you would tell me. I cried. And all I wanted was to hug you and Kitty.

June 27th

It was time to say goodbye to the beautiful little angel. My heart broke, I was upset, but I was worried about you. I’ll always care for and love her.


July 8th: Airsofting with you, Yuki, Austin and Bryce

July 19th

I went to your house to give you a gift. I’ve drawn her before for you on cards and on snapchat, but this was more important. For the memory of her beautiful and adorable face. I also kind of to keep you company since you got your wisdom teeth pulled out of your face and couldn’t really do much. Although, I was basically doing nothing, slept most of the time, and watched you play FIFA, I was truly happy. I would do nothing with you any day.

July 23rd

This was the day you told me that you got into a car crash. !!! What did you expect, OF COURSE I WOULD FREAK OUT. Although no one got hurt, I’m still going to be worried, you dork.

July 28th

We went to Knotts with Sophia, Sean, Yuki, Joanna, Vinh, and Bryce. I had a lot of things on my mind and had a headache, which didn’t make it as fun as it could have been. But in the end, spending the day with you was worth it.

July 29th

The last day I would ever see you. It was the most painful goodbye, but the one I wanted to make sure I said the most. It was a perfect memory that I will remember everyday. That hour and a half felt like forever and I wish it wouldn’t end. Just being with you makes me happy.

Those are not all the memories I have with you. They are just the ones that stood out the most. If I kept going, it would take too long.

I will see you again. I’ll miss you every single day we’re apart. I’ll wait until I can hug you again. I’ll wait for the day that I’ll run to you and you’ll lift me off the ground. I’ll wait for the day I can see your smile and hear your laugh again. I’ll wait for the day I can stare into your eyes again. I’ll always wait for you.

A Baron became best friends with a Charger. When we move onto college, we’ll still be at rival schools.

A Wildcat’s best friend is a Sun Devil.

We’ll forever be best friends. No matter what happens, I’ll fight for you and will never let you go.

I will love you unconditionally, my best friend.



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