And Suddenly I felt Peace.

A new semester. A new experience. A new opportunity to become better.

First semester has been rough. New school, new people, family issues, the car accident… But, I met two people who have made my life so much happier here. Alma & Andrea – my girls from Mexico & Colombia. They have made each day happier than the last.

Winter Break started and I was so excited to see my best friends again. Sophia ran to my house the moment I got home and when I saw Zach, I gave him the tightest hug and he lifted me off the ground like he usually does. It felt like they never left.

Three weeks later and I had to go back already…

We got to the apartment and it was time for my doctor’s appointment.

We arrived exactly at 3. My mom is slow- that’s why I wasn’t at least 5 minutes early.

I thought it would be a normal routine thing. They would check my acne, tell me prescriptions & refer me to a dermatologist.

I mentioned my extremely irregular periods & you could automatically tell I had bad acne. I thought it would be as simple as her mentioning birth control to regulate periods and would also help with the acne. Which she did, but there was something else.

“Polycystic Ovary Syndrome”

What the hell-

Uh, I have no idea what you just said- but okay. I’ll have the lab tests done.

Basically, it’s a hormonal disorder and what I’ve noticed that happens with my body are considered symptoms.

At first, I wasn’t that worried. It isn’t fatal- so that’s all I cared about since other things can be treated and helped.

I first told Zach & then my girl best friends: Sophia & Aimee. And then began the long process of researching PCOS & birth control pills.

I looked up everything about it. And the worry started to set in.

But, I just remembered what he said to me.

“We can relax together.” – Zach

I just felt protected and safe. I knew it would get better.

My life finally feels like it’s coming together and I have a purpose. Although, I may be diagnosed with PCOS, I don’t feel upset about it. My risk for other health issues increases & I will have to take medication and pills, but it doesn’t seem to bother me. Mostly because I have the best support group ever.

I know my family will help with the expenses. My cousins have always been supportive. My best friends in California & Arizona will be there for me. I know Zach will always be there for me through anything that happens. His mom has also been supportive and it’s pretty damn cute.

School life hasn’t been any easier either.

I started out with Biochemistry as my major & a few months in, I realized becoming a Forensic Scientist wasn’t for me. That’s when my path completely switched to Architecture.

It feels so much more like me and I’m so excited for everything I’ll be able to accomplish. I can’t wait to graduate. Since my dad will be retiring when I do, it’ll be like I’m taking over my dad’s job as an architect.

A lot has changed in a few months & I’m glad I have the people in my life. I wouldn’t wish for anything else.

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